Moon Lence Ultralight Portable Folding Camping Backpacking Chair


A month ago I purchased the Moon Lence Ultralight Portable Chair from Amazon and I must say I really like this chair. It’s probably not my all time favorite but for $33.99 it’s in the top few. This chair is an off brand of the $54.99 Terralite Portable Chair. The Moon Lence does not come with the special TerraGrip feet included with the Terralite chair which is one downside of purchasing the Moon Lence. An alternative I have found is to cut a slit into a tennis ball and place them on the feet this will prevent ground sinking which is the main purpose of the TerraGrip feet included with the Terralite Chair. I bought this chair in February so the ground is still frozen and I don’t have the opportunity to test the feet on soft ground. The site states it is good for use on the beach also but I wouldn’t recommend that I think you would sink in an instant.

The Moon Lence is super light weight weighing in at only 2 lbs and packs down really small to about 14″ x 5″ x 3.5″ making it a really great chair to take backpacking. It’s weight limit is 242 lbs and is made of durable material (1000D Oxford cloth). The included carrying bag is made of the same material and can easily clip to any backpack. The chair was super easy and quick to set up and take down but I did feel if the poles weren’t lined up exactly the chair wobbled a little bit. Even with the wobble I felt sturdy in the chair. This chair sits very low to the ground, seating height is at 15.” The seat part of the chair is a tad small. I was aware of it but it wasn’t a problem.

If you are looking for a budget friendly, Ultra light weight, portable chair this could be a good option for you. I think it’s very comfortable and will make a great addition to any camping gear.

Thanks for reading my review of the Moon Lence Ultralight Portable Chair. Check back for more reviews of other camping gear as well as archery gear. Sometime in the future, I plan on purchasing a Kelty Lowdown Chair which costs $59.95 on and see how it compares to the Moon Lence. But since the Moon Lence is an off brand to the Terralite I might just purchase one of those also so I can compare it to the real product! Have a great day!

Please note as of right now I am not sponsored by anyone so any gear I obtain is on my own and with my own money. No Compensation has been given.

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Author: ScooberReviews

I am a 36 y/o avid Archer, Camper and outdoor lover. I also participate in a local Medieval society and the SCA. I love to reveiw and test out products to help others make an informed decision.

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